vineri, 20 noiembrie 2009

Happy Doomsday!

I had a dream...


Wonderful World

always cold


wonderful day

fashion kills

luni, 20 aprilie 2009

Conspiracy Theory? (Cartoon), Stephanie McMillan Copyleft

Being opposed to war doesn't make you a "conspiracy theorist."

Do Not Enter (Art/Graphics)

Redefining street signs, since 2002.

She is not your friend (Subvert)

oh boy (Subvert)

this is a propaganda poster from WW2. it used to have a drawing of a soldier with an honorable discharge slip. i just changed the photo.

violence is a boomerang (Art/Graphics)

Our contribution to the war on terror.

Zack Morris Rules the Wasteland (Art/Graphics)

Zack Morris, poster child for white priveledge.

The Tentacles of Media Power (Cartoon)

UK, 1990s, Paul Morton, Copyleft

"Global reach - the tentacles of Media Power" Postcard, printed by the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (CPBF). Depicts octopus with its tentacles around the world

AD Free Zone (Art/Graphics)

Canada, Adbusters, Copyleft

Sticker with 'Ad Free Zone' and 'Our School' on it.

Nothing Real on TV (Billbord)

Advert changed to say 'There's nothing real on TV!'. Original read 'There's nothing like a real Trinitron TV'

D-Day For Disney (Cartoon)

Subvert depicts 'Disney's army landing on the beach of a country using coke cans as weapons, caption reads 'It doesn't matter whether it comes in by cable, telephone lines, computer of satellite. Everybody's going to have to deal with Disney'.

Let's Do a Bunk Cartoon (Cartoon)

UK, 1990s, Do or Die!, Copyleft

Dennis the Menace style cartoon. Bottom caption reads 'We can run our own lives. Make every day a holiday'.

Not Seeing what's in Front of You (Poster/Postcard)

UK, 1990s, Do or Die!, Copyleft

'THE MEDIA always ready with new & better ways of not seeing what's in front of you'. Depicts man wearing weird contraption with lots of lenses.

Fox Spews Channel (Art/Graphics)

A spoof on the right-wing Fox News Channel. "Fox Spews Channel" accurately depicts what the spew network really does "We distort. We hide."

Goofy interviews Bush (Poster/Postcard)

The news is so absurdly censored, that meaningful questions are NEVER asked of policy makers. All the infotainment news might as well be scripted at Disney studios: enter the Disney News Network.

The Clones (Billbord)

BBC "The One" billboard changed to "Clones" with two portraits of Bush and Blair.


Punish.Your.Television (Art/Graphics)

Stay in School! (Subvert)

Sizewell twinned with Chernobyl (Photograph)

'Sizewell - twinned with Chernobyl'. Photo of a sign outside Britains' most hated Nuclear power station. Don't know the full story behind this one.

The Hay-Wain (Art/Graphics)

London, UK, 1992, Peter Kennard

Photomontage of Cruise missiles with Constable's 'The Hay-Wain' for the GLC (Greater London Council?).

Nuke - Just Don't Do It (Subvert)

'Just Don't do it - Nuke' Postcard and T-shirt by Youth and Student CND. Nike Tick and mushroom cloud above caption.

We're out of coverage (Poster/Postcard)

Mushroom cloud with "out of coverage..." Vodafone subvert.

Star Wars is not a Movie! (Poster/Postcard)

Star Wars is not a Movie, it's in the skies above us. Welcome to the Dark Side.

Nottingham's Choking Montage (Photograph)

Photo montage based around a free Reclaim The Streets (RTS) party in Nottingham. 'Nottingham's Choking' Banner, party people dancing, DJ and more police than you can wave a dayglow water pistol at.

From The Chopper (Cartoon)

Birds eye view of street parts, as seen by your local police helicopter.

J18 New York (Poster/Postcard)

Flyer from J18 New York Street Party. First Global Day of Protest against Capitalisum.

When Riots Go Bad II (Subvert)

Dublin, Ireland, Monday 6th May, Copyleft

Coca-cola corner a new sector of private sponsorship

The Lie of History (Poster/Postcard)

UK, 1990s,, Copyleft

Egel with fists clenched in foreground and caption 'History is a lie agreed upon'.

Beaver Power (Cartoon)

UK, 1990s,, Copyleft

Depicts beaver knoring on telegraph pole.

Anarchy Tree (Poster/Postcard)

UK, 1990s, Do or Die!,, Anti-Copyright

'Even if the world was to end tomorrow I would still plant a tree today' Poster showing tree and Anarchy symbol.

Political Theory (Cartoon)

UK, 1990s,, Copyleft

Gentleman punk not too pleased with the men in blue.

ACT / YOUR / RAGE (Sticker)

Inspired from graphitti found on the streets of Toronto

Escape capitalism (Art/Graphics)

2002,, Copyleft

Escape capitalism...this one goes out to all the call centre drones - break the chains before they break you!

Love Land (Photograph)

1997, Groovy Sue, Copyleft

Banner for 'The Land is Ours' with the words Love and Land Around centeral globe.

Dig In For Victory (Poster/Postcard)

UK, 1990s, Do or Die!,, Anti-Copyright

Variation of the Dig For Victory poster used during the war. Digging the land to exploit it.

Dragon of Pollution (Cartoon)

1990s, Do or Die!, Anti-Copyright

Cartoon showing someone cutting a head of a multi-headed dragon with each head representing a different type of Pollution. Caption reads 'Don't you see, he'll go on sprouting more and more heads. It's the heart of the problem you must go for'.

Bin The Planet (Subvert)

Brighten, UK, 1995, SchNews, Anti-Copyright

Double spoof graphic of person throwing planet in a bin, done in the same style as the 'Keep Britain Tidy' logo.

Thomas Sucks (Subvert)

UK Copyleft

'An urgent message to all our customers' 'Thomas Cook regrets that due to extreme circumstances beyond our control* all winter sports holidays have been cancelled....' '*We take no responsibility for global warming and climate chaos, despite the fact that we encourage people to fly around the world in aeroplanes - the fastest growing contributors to greenhouse gasses.'. A return flight to America produces around the same amount of CO2, the gas which creates global warming, as a person indirectly produces in a year.

Recycle Symbol (Art/Graphics)

Standard Recycle symbol.

A perfect world? (Cartoon)

Keep Clean (Subvert)

All it takes is a bit of paint and the change of a single letter...beautiful

Diggerheadz (Photograph)

Hatfield Moor, UK, 2002,, Anti-Copyright

Great costumes...100+ people with banners and flags blockaded "Scotts" on Hatfield Moor in South Yorkshire - the US multinational responsible for extraction of the largest remaining lowland peat habitats in England. See website below for more details