sâmbătă, 31 ianuarie 2009

Think Disillusioned (Billbord)

USA, Billboard Liberation Front Copyleft

The Billboard Liberation Front today announced the international kickoff of a new improvement campaign designed to enhance the outdoor communications of beleaguered Apple Computer Corporation. The campaign was ushered in late last night on an Apple billboard south of the city, on Northbound Highway 101 between the Holly and Ralston Avenue exits.

Riding with Hitler (LOL!) (Poster/Postcard)

http://www.nara.gov/exhall/powers/powers, US National Archives

No subverting done to this one...but kinda relevent though considering the oil wars that are raging around the world

Commando anti-auto (CAA) (Billbord)


For terrible polluters (changed from For terrible kids)

All Nations Hallucinations (Poster/Postcard)

UK, 1999, Do or Die! Anti-Copyright

UK, 1999, Do or Die! Anti-Copyright
'Are you Ready to Die for on Illusion' 'If we are going to insist on maintaining a state we can obey, then we have to breed children who will die for it, so Quit Whining'. Poster shows soldiers.

hi-Mac (Subvert)

'Forget Gigaflops, try the hi-Mac. Hi-Prices, Hi-Hype, Hi-Mac'. Prices at a cost especially high for graphic designers and architects.

Think Different (Subvert)

USA, 1999, Indymedia.org Copyleft

Parody from Seattle WTO meeting in 1999. Shows 'Storm Trooper' style policeman in gas mask coming out of a gassed area with apple logo and caption 'Think Different'.

I Want Out (Poster/Postcard)

USA, 1971, Committee to Help Unsell the War

Parody of Uncle Sam I Want You Poster. Sponsored by the Committee to Help Unsell the War - a coalition of over 30 advertising agencies.

orange-cancer (Poster/Postcard)

israel, jan 2002, funbox design, Anti-Copyright

poster showing radiation emmiting antenna used by cellular companies.

Microsoft Swastica (Subvert)

Animated image showing Microsoft logo morphing into a swastica. Caption "Business is war" and "Microsoft Final Solution 2000".

keep it up (Poster/Postcard)

"Keep it up brother..genocide is a fulltime job!"

The truth about Intel (Art/Graphics)

Troops on the move (Poster/Postcard)

Another WW2 parody...

the nationalist (Poster/Postcard)

The nationalist not only does not dissapprove of attrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them. -George Oewell

War again? (Website)

Sweden, June 2002, 44an.com Anti-Copyright

Used on www.44an.com International fashion dominator!

Humans will Eat Your Babies! (Cartoon)

USA, 1990s, Do or Die! Anti-Copyright

Sheep with dog holding placard 'do not trust humans they will eat your babies'

Taxes Buy Bombs (Poster/Postcard)

I found this beautiful propaganda ripe for subvertisement in a print and poster shop.

Gay Rights Now (Poster/Postcard)

If this lady was a car (Billbord)

UK, 1997

Car ad with Original Text 'If this was a lady it would get its bottom pinched' added graffiti 'If this lady was a car, she'd run you down'.

ecko/uncomfortable (Art/Graphics)

some people use species extinction to sell t shirts.... Dipicts Rhinoceros T-shirt Disign.

The Happy Little SODOMITES (Art/Graphics)

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade

Subversion of KRAFT VEGEMITE brand using art/graphics, postcard, t-shirt, photographs and website

Enjoy climate change (Poster/Postcard)

cokespotlight.org, Copyleft

Nice take on the coca-cola bears...good website as well...lots of info...check em out. They have some photos worth a download

Crass (Photograph)

Melbourne, 2000, cleansurface.org, Copyleft

Ahh so simple...a homemade poster placed in the correct strategic place can have quite an impact

Your body is a Battlefield (Poster/Postcard)

USA, 1989, Barbara Kruger

'On April 26 the Supreme Court will hear a case which the Bush Administration hopes will overturn the Roe vs. Wode decision, which established basic abortion rights. Join thousands of woman and men in Washington DC on April 9. We will show that the majority of Americans support the woman's right to choose.

Hands Off Our Bodies (Billbord)


Picture of scantily clad woman with Graffiti 'Get you hands off our bodies' and 'It makes me feel like...' as had the end crossed out and graffiti added to make 'It makes me feel like puking up'.

People Do (Cartoon)

Made in Santa Cruz, 2002, Emily Hell Copyleft

A spoof of Chevron's People Do ad campaign.

Born Kicking (Billbord)


Pritey Poly ad with legs coming out of leg. 'Born Kicking' graffiti added with double female symbol.

Down With the Society of the Spectacle (Cartoon)

France, 1992, , J.F.Batellier

'Down With the Society of the Spectacle', could someone please explain the joke as I don't get it.

Dinosaurs Still Rule The World (Subvert)

Jurassic Park style poster with 'A system 65b million years in the making. Government. dinosaurs still rule the world'.

Government & Industry

Government & Industry Bones (Art/Graphics)

Clark Wants Dick (Cartoon)

'Clerk wants Dick', 'Disk Wants Condoms. T-shirt, Golden Date chapter of ACT UP!

You mean a woman can open it? (Subvert)

The woman's place in the classic age of advertising. Illustration from Ad Nauseam

Maybe she's born with it... (Subvert)

Dorchester, Dorset, 1st feb 2002, Dirk Ramrod Copyleft

A kind-of-irrelevant-t-company subvert.

Hypocrisy and Enron (Cartoon)

http://www.mnftiu.cc, http://www.mnftiu.cc Copyleft

To My Ill Figure (Subvert)

Tommy advert subvertised from Tommy Hilfiger with TOMMY changed to TO MY and Hilfiger changed to ILL FIGURE added.

FCK KFC Subvert (Subvert)

Canada, Adbusters

Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC changes to FCK and a black version of the Colonel.

We use slaves cos we can

Subvert, Sheperds Bush, London

"We use slaves cos we f**cking can" This was used near a school and for a small sign got a lot of notice from people.

Entertainment Tonight (Cartoon)

Cartoon with a couple consuming various things including fossil fuel, food, magazines, clothes contraceptives and finally sleep all in one day.

I'm not a Target Market (Art/Graphics)

Canada, Adbusters Copyleft

'I'm not a Target Market' badge. White writing on orange.

Vanilla teeth rot (Website)

Attack on new Coke flavour and (alleged) on effect on toothy pegs

L'Oreal, Because I'm Stupid (Subvert)

Bristol, UK

'What if science could make me vile?, with vivisection it does', 'LOreal Paris, Because Im Stupid'. If you look carefully at the writing on the bottom left you will notice that LOreal are sponsoring The Millennium Dome. Is this a case of one crap idea sponsoring another?

FCUK Fashion Fuckwits (Billbord)

Bristol, UK

French Connection UK (fcuk) have had the tables turned on them with this one. There deliberate use of fcuk, to create a 'Douse that say fuck' double take is even more ponient here. The original billboard showed two woman and the caption 'yes both'. Graffiti has been added to create 'yes, both of us are fashion fuckwits'.

Gap's Kids (Subvert)

NIKE - in our sweatshop (Billbord)


the most defensive boots we've ever made

For Which It Stands (Art/Graphics)

Saint Louis, Missouri, USA, 4 July, 2002, Divinus, Anti-Copyright

Sweet Land Of Liability...

Choose status (Subvert)

on http://battl.nl, 2002, by the peepz from battl.nl, Copyleft

A word of advice for young women

do unto others... (Art/Graphics)

SEARS, Kingston, NY, 6/2002, vacancy, Anti-Copyright

Average life of a splattering on front entrance to mall? less than one day.

terror monthly (Art/Graphics)

physical & digital collage, 1999, d.bosten, Copyleft

Cover for a new magazine devoted to consumer terrorism

Pignation (Poster/Postcard)

http://www.sinkers.org/, 3rd July 2002,A nti-Copyright

Subvertise is da bomb. Fully dig it. You may already know about it but the sinkers website is totally awesome, I am sure you will agree. Check it out.